Welcome to BPS Networks!

Our History

BPS Telephone Company is an incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC) serving three counties in Southeast Missouri.  BPS began operations in 1996 after a purchase of GTE exchanges. BPS Telephone Company is wholly owned by FDF Communications Co., a privately held corporation.

BPS Telephone Company serves customers in Bernie, Parma, Steele, Cooter, Denton, and Holland Missouri with Residential and Commercial Telephone service.  BPS offers Internet through its affiliate BPS Networks.  BPS Networks also serves the surrounding area in Southeast Missouri with Wireless Internet.

Since BPS began operations in 1996, major improvements continue to be made to insure you have access to the latest technology and receive both quality and reliable service.

BPS Telephone Company is proud to be a part of our local communities. We sponsor a Youth to Washington D. C. each year. We sponsor activities at our schools and assist with construction plans as well as donations to benefit students including the sponsorship of local youth leagues.

BPS believes it is our Mission to Keep you "Connected" to Each Other and to the World.

Officers of BPS Telephone Company are:

W. F. Provance - President
Elizabeth Provance - Vice President
Mark Graves - Vice President
Lisa Winberry - General Manager - Secretary
David Carson - Assistant General Manager - Treasurer

Directors are:

W. F. Provance
Elizabeth Provance
Mark Graves