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Lifeline/Disabled Program

Consumers meeting certain eligibility criteria are able to receive monthly discounts for telecommunications service through the Lifeline Program or the Disabled Program.  Lifeline service offers a monthly federal discount of 5.25 (for Voice only or Voice + Nonqualifying broadband) and $9.25 (for Voice + Qualifying Broadband) and a state discount of $18.75 (for Voice) for a total monthly discount of up to $24.00.  The Disabled Program offers a $24.00 (Voice-only or Voice + Broadband) monthly discount.  You may apply for lifeline by going to the National Verifier consumer portal at CheckLifeline.org/lifeline and creating an account or by mailing in your finished Lifeline Application, Household Worksheet and copies of your eligibility to Lifeline Support Center, P. O. Box 7081, London, KY  40742. 

If you have any questions regarding the company's services or need assistance in applying for Lifeline or Disabled telephone programs, please contact BPS Telephone Customer Service Department at 800-785-8630 or visit the www.LifelineSupport.org for more details.