Welcome Compnet ISP Customers!

As you just now may be learning, BPS Networks will acquire Compnet ISP on May 15th 2013.

Please check back to this page to keep updated on the status of the integration of Compnet ISP's network into BPS Networks. We will have more information available as we set firm dates for different portions of the integration and upgrade process.


If you are a Compnet ISP customer wanting to access your webmail please use the following links:

Compnet ISP


Compnet ISP E-Mails

Attention Compnet ISP Customers: If you wish to retain your @compnetisp.com or @semonetwork.com E-Mail address you must contact us and provide us with your current @compnetisp.com or @semonetwork.com E-Maill address and password. Because we do not have access to the current passwords, we will be unable to migrate any account that we do not have the password for. Currently no date has been set for the migration.